Sunday, December 8, 2019

Blonde Toledo - "Little Miss Krissy"

Pitched as "Mambo Rock with a Klezmer Twist," Blonde Toledo's "Little Miss Krissy," the opening track on their latest album, Eclecticide, is wonderfully creative and replete with a variety of influences and flavors. Melodies abound over shuffling Latin rhythms and a strong bassline, with catchy, bleating horns providing the song's main hook, trading spaces with a smoky vocal before making way for a dynamic electric guitar solo at the three-minute mark. It strikes a great balance and serves as a great lead-in to the instrumental follow-up track, "Phantom," which, though just as groovy, ramps up the rock factor. This is music befitting an evening of impassioned dancing at a blue's club; smooth, sexy, and meant to make you move.

"Little Miss Krissy" is the first track on Eclecticide.

Blonde Toledo - "Little Miss Krissy" (Bandcamp)
Blonde Toledo - "Little Miss Krissy" (Spotify)
Blonde Toledo - Eclecticide (Bandcamp)

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