Monday, December 9, 2019

Cassettes have become extinct - "Hide Me in Your Backyard"

A pleasant ambient track with minimal percussive elements providing distant rhythmic backdrop for the ensemble of synth pad swells which glide over the listener. One highlight in particular involves the high-pitched chimes that enter at 1:30, a series of ethereal plucks from an angelic choir which introduces the second movement of the track. This section embraces ambiance, dropping the majority of the percussive elements and instead focusing on drifting melodies. These three minutes float by in no time, and the track would benefit from doubling its runtime; even in the outro, we can hear the introduction of scattered glitch elements which would breathe new life into the track - if only it were willing to stay with us.

Cassettes have become extinct - "Hide Me in Your Backyard" (Soundcloud)

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