Sunday, December 8, 2019

CATDADDY - "Watching People Dancing"

A pleasant slice of synth-pop, "Watching People Dancing" posits hazy synth melodies over a steady drum beat and layered vocal melodies. The vocals are the main strength of the track, with soft "do-do-do"s providing a lethargic chorus in the background of the rueful lead lyric: "You and me / at a party / watching everyone dancing / it's cathartic." This lead displaces the listener; you have a memory of the party that CATDADDY sings about, whether or not you've ever really been there. Some of the tones selected betray the distantly nostalgic atmosphere of the track; for example, the synth that enters around 2:10 has a crisp and triumphant timbre to it, unlike the reverb-laden lead around 3:40. The track is at is best when it fully embraces its plaintive dreaminess; fortunately, this atmosphere abounds throughout.

CATDADDY - "Watching People Dancing" (Soundcloud)

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