Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Chevalier - "Heartbreak"

Though the vocals initially called to mind the softer moments of Owl City, the instrumentation and overall feel here is, fortunately, less of a nauseatingly sugar-tinged power-pop and instead more focused on contemplative melancholy. Lush piano chords accent intertwining guitar melodies and soft orchestral swells; when Chevalier sings, "all I know is heartbreak", you're inclined to believe them. Highlights include a sub-bass kick that effectively mimics the patter of a heartbeat, as well as the cathartic vocal harmonies during the song's climax. This is one track which would benefit from a longer runtime and further orchestration; fortunately, the remainder of the songs on the album continue in the same tradition, furthering the electronic experimentation along the way.

"Heartbreak" is the second track on Lies I Tell Myself.

Chevalier - "Heartbreak" (Spotify)
Chevalier - Lies I Tell Myself

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