Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Crackberry - "CA$H"

Swathes of mutilated vocal samples twist into airy, angelic harmonies, providing a soft chorus which floats (especially at 1:30, a beautiful highlight within the track) above calculated, melodic bass plucks and drums which twitch in and out, reverse effects sprinkled throughout, lending the track its own alien pulse. Meanwhile, foley sound effects provide additional texture, crackling and popping like layered accents to the other percussive elements. Dreamy and ethereal downtempo, this track blends lush melodic instrumentation with a slightly ominous bass and rhythm section, providing a soundscape which, while soothing to listen to, always feels eerie, ominous, as if the listener is beckoned to wander the foreign landscape depicted on the track's cover art.

Crackberry - "CA$H" (Soundcloud)

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