Monday, December 16, 2019

Creature Quiet - "All of These Things I Do"

A delicate psychedelic exploration, "All of These Things I Do" blurs washed-out Animal Collective-esque vocal pleas atop a catchy, ambient pop track. With booming drums guiding a swirling pool of reverb-drenched synth pads and layered vocals, the song is filled with hidden joys (the exuberant bursts of vocals at 2:14, 2:22) which add further depth to its main hooks. It's a wonderfully feel-good track, one which feels warm and earnest even through the haze. When Creature Quiet sings, "All of these things I do. I do them because of you. I hope you know it's true," the feeling manifests itself within the listener, lingering long after the final, otherworldly swells and waves fade away. A pleasant surprise, and one of my favorite tracks that I've stumbled upon recently.

Creature Quiet - "All of These Things I Do" (Soundcloud)

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