Sunday, December 8, 2019

crest of the syndicate - "Morning Break"

Sprawling experimental electronica which deftly combines the lovely natural call of birdsongs with ambient synth swells and sputtering, glitchy percussion, "Morning Break" is at once meditative and engaging, following the Brian Eno school of ambiance: "as ignorable as it is interesting." The track rests midway through, with the drums momentarily falling back to allow the space for a call-and-response between a deep bass and distant synth echoes. Everything comes together once more around the three minute mark, with the track's melodic climax a minute later serving as the highlight of experience. The erratic bursts of synths serve as a wonderful and cathartic contrast to the quiet ambience that led to it, all the while maintaining a warm, peaceful vibe.

crest of the syndicate - "Morning Break" (Soundcloud)

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