Thursday, December 5, 2019

Elk Bird - "Moloko Plus"

A beautiful excursion; an auditory stroll through the woods. If this is an expansion of nature, then it is a guide into a foreign landscape, one which shifts unexpectedly, but one which is rooted in benevolence. There is peace to be found at the heart of the mangled vocal chops and flitting melodies here. The consistent drum loop which serves as the backbone for this track may be simple, but it establishes a formidable groove, lulling the listener into melancholic reflection until it abruptly cuts out at the four minute mark and rainfall momentarily takes over, establishing a second movement in the piece. From this point onwards is where the track truly shines, with the most beautiful of its melodies revealing themselves to the patient listener. My sole complaint is the manner in which different instruments are introduced prior to this second half - the track relies a bit too heavily on abrupt entrances and bursts of sound. It is at its best when it gently suggests movement, allowing the waves to wash over the listener.

"Moloko Plus" is the third track on Nature Expansion Pack.

Elk Bird - "Moloko Plus" (Bandcamp)
Elk Bird - Nature Expansion Pack (Bandcamp)

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