Sunday, December 8, 2019

fax machine - "Stalin"

An ambient track of overdriven piano melodies struggling against static crackles of field recordings and the voices of children, "Stalin" sounds wounded, with the loveliness of its melodies having been dragged through mire and left feeling like the struggling call of a broken music box, quietly crooning to a world passing it by. It sounds like the scraps of a classical piano composition lost in time, or if Daniel Rosenfeld's work as C418 had fallen apart and been put together again. This somber playing continues until the introduction of a second, more confident, and more defiant piano at 1:18, which lifts the track into a cautious, beautiful optimism, before it all slips away once more.

"Stalin" is the tenth track on Soup.

fax machine - "Stalin" (Soundcloud)
fax machine - Soup (Soundcloud)

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