Monday, December 9, 2019

Fritz & Simone - "Facade"

A somber duet, "Facade" sets the tone with a sparkling guitar melody, followed by a simple but booming drum pattern reminiscent of turn of the 21st century trip hop. Fritz & Simone swap their sung exchanges, complementing each other's voices beautifully with echoing counterpoint. They join each other to sing the final chorus, singing: "My roots can't grow if I don't sow the beet / my fear of living incomplete / the ground drops beneath my feet / think of settling and reignite the fading dream." This is punctuated by a mangled fuzz guitar that riffs across the remainder of the track. The entire piece is haunting and tinged with a sadness that is not only shared by Fritz & Simone, but laid bare for the listener, too, encouraging you to feel just as they do.

"Facade" is the second song on Waiting Room.

Fritz & Simone - "Facade" (Spotify)
Fritz & Simone - Waiting Room (Spotify)

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