Monday, December 16, 2019

GRAVELLE - "Touch Me"

As sinister as it is seductive, "Touch Me" is an industrial whirlwind, equal parts post-punk and techno; fans of Nine Inch Nails will feel right at home. The track opens with a catchy synth loop, a steady kick and snare combo, and the goth-chic croons of dual vocalists, whispering sweet nothings. However, "Touch Me" doesn't want the listener to be comfortable: it wants the listener to dance, no matter what else goes on around it. As such, walls of distortion weave in and out over rich synths; the bridge at 2:23 in particular shows the strength of the hook and the production's tonal richness. All, of course, before devolving into a wall of sound, the repeated vocal "a-ha's" once more disarming the listener. This is the soundtrack to the seedy underbelly - do you feel guilty for dancing?

"Touch Me" is the third song on Liquid Skin.

GRAVELLE - "Touch Me" (Soundcloud)
GRAVELLE - Liquid Skin (Link)

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