Friday, December 6, 2019

Halcyon Fields - "Black Maps of Light"

An alternative rock jam that constantly pushes forward, "Black Maps of Light" opens with crunchy, methodically crushing chords befitting of space-rock genre stalwarts Hum; a moment later and with a jump in tempo, we are propelled along by fast, staccato rhythms and riffs guided by alt-pop vocals seemingly lifted from early '00s indie rock. The song is structurally dense - there's a lot going on, especially with the three intertwining guitars. At its worst, this results in a wall of sound that is muddy and difficult to decipher; however, at its best, we hear wonderful traces of angular melodies complementing one another even whilst dueling. Highlights include the falsetto vocals during the song's midsection and, of course, the bevy of riffs sprinkled throughout - if nothing else, it is consistently interesting.

Halcyon Fields - "Black Maps of Light" (Soundcloud)
Halcyon Fields - "Black Maps of Light" (Spotify)

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