Monday, December 9, 2019

Hugo Marsh - "Lunula"

A drum & bass track with alternative rock roots, "Lunula" opens with mid-tempo palm-muted electric guitar chugs guided by a smooth lead line and complementary piano chords. The track quickly picks up tempo around 0:45 with the introduction of a fast-paced drum break, which serves as the basis for the remainder of the song. It's high energy and a lot of fun, though the lead guitar tone loses its appeal for me about half way through the track. While the playing is smooth, I can't help but wish the tone was either softer, or blanketed in more reverb, or on the opposite end of the spectrum and drenched in dirt. That being said, this is catchy and upbeat, and it'll be interesting to see Hugo Marsh further develop this sound.

Hugo Marsh - "Lunula" (Soundcloud)
Hugo Marsh - "Lunula" (Spotify)

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