Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Imp of Perverse - "Despair Puff"

Sometimes a track hits you in just the right way: you love it enough to listen again and again, enough so that you need to plug in to a louder set of speakers just to hear it rip. "Despair Puff" is that song. Psychedelic melodies and lethargic vocals swirl over jagged rhythms, equal parts noisy and beautiful, groovy, and infinitely danceable. It's a pop song with a flavor for the weird, unafraid to get noisy; it's a rock song unafraid to embrace its hooks. My one knock is the fade-out ending, as it feels like a lackluster conclusion to what is otherwise a tightly-knit and energetic jam. But don't let that dissuade you. Go on and turn it up; let your neighbors hear this.

Imp of Perverse - "Despair Puff" (Bandcamp)
Imp of Perverse - "Despair Puff" (Soundcloud)
Imp of Perverse - "Despair Puff" (YouTube)

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