Sunday, December 8, 2019

instupendo - "Pinch" (aiwake Remix)

Instupendo's original version of "Pinch" veils a pop song somewhere amidst a cloudy dreamscape, sparse melodies flickering about as a bouncing sub kick pushes the listener through the wash of textures. aiwake's remix reimagines the track with a new focus on airy vocal chops and a straightforward dance drum pattern. This take maintains the soft and ethereal nature of the original, but places it within the context of a more traditional pop arrangement. Like the original, the highlight of the song is in its cathartic climax, erupting at the two-minute mark with a blissful wall of synth pads and layered vocal harmonies. A beautiful track which suffers from the same plight as the original - it's over too soon.

"Pinch" was originally released as track four on Boys by Girls.

instupendo - "Pinch" (Soundcloud)
instupendo - "Pinch" (aiwake Remix) (Spotify)
instupendo - Boys by Girls (Spotify)

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