Wednesday, December 18, 2019

JallieD De Naranja - "Feeling Lost"

A mellow lo-fi hiphop beat which, though it may not innovate from other tracks in the genre, is still quite pleasing in its own right. Your standard elements are here: a pop-culture clip, samples of notes sprinkled across a soft piano, a downtempo boom-bap beat; rinse, repeat. That being said, the piano sample (a jazz rendition of "Alice in Wonderland") is used well, offering a relaxing melody which effectively conveys the melancholic whimsy of feeling lost - though "wandering" may be more accurate. The instrumental is accompanied by the sounds of rainfall, making this perfect background music for a quiet evening in. Or, you know, that YouTube playlist.

JallieD De Naranja - "Feeling Lost" (Soundcloud)

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