Thursday, December 5, 2019

JHYMN - "DiaTribe"

Delightfully fresh: "DiaTribe" is clear with its tribal influence, effectively blending rain soundscapes, wood chime melodies, low vocal chants, and pounding, tom-heavy drums. Though the composition is strong, the mix leaves a bit to be desired. The main vocal doesn't quite fit right, as it feels less a part of the production and more like a narration sitting atop the beat, and the percussive cymbals also sound disjointed. However, it's a telltale sign of a strong track when, even with these occasionally distracting faults, it still warrants re-listening. One particular highlight of the track is brief: following the chorus, there is a single vocal line softly whispered before the chanting resumes; it is unique elements such as these which help to differentiate JHYMN.

JHYMN - "DiaTribe" (YouTube)

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