Monday, December 16, 2019

Kida Kira - "Angels Over Victoria Harbor Part II: Air"

Part electronic single, part political public service announcement, "Angels Over Victoria Harbor Part II: Air" is an important audio-visual experience created by musician and auteur Kida Kira. Over the course of five minutes, Kida Kira provides viewers with "a brief chronology of the [Hong Kong protest] frontlines from September to November." The video features informative textual captions alongside layered footage from the protests, captured by Ai Wei Wei and his field team, juxtaposed against more abstract snippets of volcanic footage, provided by Art Carter, and a bouncing, nuanced electronic dance track. The resulting combination is a compelling glimpse into the horrific mania occurring in Hong Kong, propelled by a musical score which is both beautiful and, even without the accompanying footage, rich in its eerie glimmer. Highlights include the moments where the two mediums blend together, such as with the synchronized gun shot at 3:06, strengthening the pathos of both the footage and the music; another involves the haunting vocal chops in the latter-half of the track, like angels mourning the fall. An urgent and compelling single which hints at an unsurprisingly strong second EP from Kida Kira.

"Angels Over Victoria Harbor Part II: Air" is a track from the upcoming SIU (YEAH).

Kida Kira - "Angels Over Victoria Harbor Part II" (YouTube)
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