Friday, December 6, 2019

Lee Stoner - "Timeless"

Heady wall-of-sound rap in the same vein as Aesop Rock or Atmosphere's Slug, Lee Stoner eschews the autotuned melodies and short-form hooks so prevalent amongst his contemporaries in favor of constructing a detailed narrative regarding time travel and the pursuit of music. Lee wastes no time over the course of the track's four minutes, barely pausing to catch his breath before continuing with an increasingly complex story and rhymes with as many layers as they have syllables. It's often as humorous as it is engaging - "I didn't become a leaper / just to risk my visa / and watch you smoke reefer / like a paraplegic Wiz Khalifa." Creative, forward-thinking, and relentlessly positive.

Lee Stoner - "Timeless" (YouTube)

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