Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Not sure why; I've been drawn toward dark, expressive tracks lately. "SHE" is haunting and evocative, as MADISON's vocals drip with gothic flair, alternating between a low, monotonous sneer and haunting, all-encompassing cries. The vocals stand at the forefront of the track, pleading, grim, and beautiful; however, they rest during the song's bridge (1:50), allowing swirling, windy textures to take over, re-emphasizing the track's otherwise minimalist instrumentation, while also allowing enough contrast for the vocals to return with greater splendor. Other highlights of the instrumentation include the crisp, overblown bass line which serves as the core of the track, as well as the drum pattern that enters following the aforementioned bridge (2:14); there's something very satisfying about the way those snare and stick hits cut through everything else. That being said, though I tend to try and look past hiccups in production, there is some inconsistent mixing here, in particular with the vocals, which unfortunately distracts from the otherwise stellar atmosphere created by the track. Overall, an effectively bleak track which captures a snapshot of forlorn bitterness within us, especially when compared to the glittering pop of some of MADISON's other tracks, such as "SHELTERED GOWN."

MADISON - "SHE" (Soundcloud)

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