Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Matija Mikovic - "Fragile Canvas"

A unique sound collage which blends an array of tones and atmospheres, from acoustic to ambient, from electronic to otherworldly. Some of the sounds are as familiar and immediate as the rattling of wind chimes, while others wander and stray, distant soundscapes intersecting with our own plane. A freely moving track falling somewhere between ambient and world music, "Fragile Canvas" uses creative sound design to create an immersive multidimensional stage for the listener. Fragmented hand-percussion is accompanied by snarling synthesizers, until a sudden boom of bass erupts, like a whale bellowing from deep beneath the surface; soon, quiet, and the water is still again. The images conjured will vary per listener, challenging them to find something for themselves from this world Matija Mikovic has allowed to spill forth; a trait emblematic of the cover art, also created by Mikovic, which he claims, "effectively shows the chaotic nature of the release and turbulent period Matija was going through while composing."

"Fragile Canvas" is the first track from Fragile Canvas, scheduled for release on January 21, 2020.

Matija Mikovic - "Fragile Canvas" (YouTube)
Matija Mikovic - Fragile Canvas (YouTube)

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