Monday, December 9, 2019

Memoryhook - "Dislike"

Delightfully honest and analogue, the entirety of Memoryhook's latest bedroom pop EP, Childhood, was recorded without the use of software sounds or effects. The result is a warm collection of lo-fi dream-pop songs featuring jangly and reverb-laden electric guitars swooning over soft synth swells and the consistent rhythmic patter of drum machines, all while Memoryhook sings, pained and pleading. "Dislike" is dark and atmospheric, with nuanced details hiding in the background of the track, appearing and disappearing like childhood memories - see the bridge at 1:38 for an example of the subtle electronic sputters and an eerie vocal choir supplementing the remainder of the track. Though the tracks can often feel defeated, they are still comforting and peaceful.

"Dislike" is the second song on Childhood.

Memoryhook - "Dislike" (Soundcloud)
Memoryhook - Childhood (Bandcamp)
Memoryhook - Childhood (Soundcloud)

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