Monday, December 9, 2019

Michael Wadlow - "Christmas Day"

With an uncertain vocal waver reminiscent of similar heart-on-the-sleeve songwriters such as Conor Oberst, Michael Wadlow croons another earnest ballad of heartache and longing. The highlight of the song comes from the heartfelt chorus, where Wadlow sings, "And we watched the snow fall / If this is love / then I have never loved before / so please stay / at least until Christmas day." Despite the melancholic lyrics, it is a pleasant and heartwarming affair all around, with the guitar lead played during the bridge effectively calling to mind a day spent by the fireplace, staring out at the snow fall, a warm drink in hand and a warmer body beside you. The best songwriters invite you to feel comforted by their anguish, or at least to be able to relate to it; Wadlow succeeds on both fronts.

Michael Wadlow - "Christmas Day" (Spotify)

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