Thursday, December 5, 2019

MJ the Composer - "Retro Scenes and Remembered Dreams"

Though it opens with a quavering detuned keyboard reminiscent of the hazy sonic palette of Boards of Canada, "Retro Scenes and Remembered Dreams" soon shifts into another entity, with a thumping sub bassline guiding a vocal sample which periodically ponders, "home skillet?" These two elements feel at odds with one another, and the track shifts between two disparate vibes. The opening progression and the glitchy melodies at 2:20 cater to a nostalgic flare - remembered dreams, if you will - but the straightforward drum pattern and misplaced vocal sample unfortunately pull the listener away from this dream.

"Retro Scenes and Remembered Dreams" is the third track on Electric Dreams, Vol. 1.

MJ the Composer - "Retro Scenes and Remembered Dreams" (Spotify)
MJ the Composer - Electric Dreams, Vol. 1 (Spotify)

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