Friday, December 6, 2019

myall auer - "Fantasy"

"Fantasy" drifts along, wistful and dreamlike, a softly swinging drum beat carrying blithe piano chords and synth pads. The vocals carry the performance, the timbre drained and longing, further permeating the sense of foreboding hinted throughout the track. The composition's greatest strengths are in its subtleties, such as the scatted backing melodies around 3:20, and in the locked groove established between the bass and the drums. It is difficult to effectively communicate heartache without relying on lyrical cliches, a symptom to which, at times, Auer also falls victim. However, the tonality of the track successfully embodies its dreary central theme: "Everybody hurts sometimes / all we can do is keep on moving."

myall auer - "Fantasy" (Soundcloud)

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