Thursday, December 5, 2019

Paul Rainone - "tangerine"

Though Paul Rainone's "tangerine" is described as being an incomplete iPhone recording, it is this exact quality which lends the track its sense of vulnerable urgency. Like Rainone's other tracks, "tangerine" is a raw and unfiltered glance at a pure artistic output: rough around the edges, with a wash of white noise, occasional microphone crackles, muted notes, and the finality of a phone being closed punctuating the song's resolution. Through this, Rainone pulls the most from each chord, ranging from the soft intimacy of the opening to a roaring climax. Though his voice wavers, it never sounds unsure. When he sings, "Does he worship your bones / is he brittle and breaking apart for you, my dear?", the strain in his voice is real, vital, and urgent; a delicate and beautiful song from a voice unafraid to bare its heartstrings for us to share.

Paul Rainone - "tangerine" (Soundcloud)

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