Thursday, December 5, 2019

Radio Macbeth - "Interstellar Wannabe"

When someone describes their music as "lo-fi noise pop/sad boy glitch rock," it leaves the door open to a lot of possibilities in regards to which direction the tunes could spin. A showcase of creative production tricks, "Interstellar Wannabe" is a real treat, a marriage of stuttering percussion, a growling analogue bass, and a myriad of synth leads that exit as quickly as they enter. This is a transmission from an extraterrestrial radio station; this is fun, inventive, and pure. Each subsequent listening session reveals additional layers and nuance to appreciate, with standout moments including the overblown vocal flourishes (0:45, 1:27) and a solo that resembles a synth patch disassembling itself and finding harmony somewhere amidst the pieces.

"Interstellar Wannabe" is the ninth track on Trapped in a Prison of Infinite Style.

Radio Macbeth - "Interstellar Wannabe" (Bandcamp)
Radio Macbeth - Trapped in a Prison of Infinite Style (Bandcamp)

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