Sunday, December 15, 2019

Saunimon - "Emerald Pools"

Led by a hypnotic break beat, "Emerald Pools" shimmers with ambient pads and stuttering, glitchy drum fills. It's a brief track from the middle of Saunimon's latest EP, Quiche, and offers us a glance at a hazy sound which comes and goes like one of its own synth waves. This is a rich track defined by its depth, wonderful textures throbbing and pulsating throughout; this is ambient electronica showcasing warm, layered and nuanced sound design. "Hang Gliders" is another high point from the EP, with distant, ethereal synths whispering to one another in joyous tones which seemingly part the clouds.

"Emerald Pools" is the third song on Quiche.

Saunimon - "Emerald Pools" (Soundcloud)
Saunimon - Quiche (Bandcamp)
Saunimon - Quiche (Soundcloud)

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