Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Secret Knives - "Snuff"

Indie rock with some light shoegaze elements, "Snuff" is pure sugar, nearly bordering on Passion Pit levels of glossy, pop exuberance (and the similarity in vocals doesn't hurt, either). Perhaps that's why there's something slightly silly about the noisy solo around 1:47, the chattering sputters straying a bit too far and for a bit too long, but darn it, it's fun. It's moments like these, along with the swaying reversed guitar leads, which provide gravitas to the soaring choruses, loaded with the chimes of arpeggios, vocal chorales, and even a horn section. This song shines, bright and unwavering in its need to feel good, even as, following the mirth of the final chorus, it waves goodbye with a tender and sparkling outro: a final meditation on a beautiful day.

Secret Knives - "Snuff" (Soundcloud)

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