Tuesday, December 10, 2019

slug's womb - "(only u)"

Simple, short, and effective, "(only u)" is a tender bedroom pop song which feels like a lost stray from Orchid Tapes' seminal Boring Ecstasy compilation. Delicate vocals, lathered in reverb, repeatedly croon, "Only you / only you," accompanied by blown-out piano chords (ever-popular in the genre) and a simple drum pattern. The track doesn't introduce any bold new ideas, doesn't go anywhere with its sonic territory, but it doesn't need to:

Because when I sleep
there's only you
when I work hard
I think of you
and if I tried to forget you
it don't work:
there's only you.
Sometimes, that's all there needs to be.

slug's womb - "(only u)" (Soundcloud)

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