Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Sophisticated Animals - "Better"

A brief forlorn ballad, "Better" attempts to convince the listener that the singer is capable of better and, in turn, perhaps worthy of something better than a lover just out of reach. Guided by a somber piano and orchestral strings, the vocal performance is strong, and the vocal echoes around 1:20 are one of the highlights of the production. Unfortunately, the pining lyrics wallow in melodrama and fail to resonate. Though the song is self-aware enough to recognize that lines such as "He will never really love you / 'cause he can't love you like me" and "I can be better you'll see / I can be better than he" are indeed "a tired expression...a worn-out cliché", it fails to elevate itself beyond these trite remarks, instead opting to repeat them in different variations. Perhaps Sophisticated Animals can be better than their ex's new lover, but the song could be better, too.


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