Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sumdeus - "Space Mobbin'"

At one point amidst the barrage of wailing psych rock guitar solos and screaming organs, Sumdeus promise the listener can, "Travel the Spaceways / to Venus or Mars / Go out to Saturn / see Sun Ra." After hearing the interplanetary second, or third - who's counting? - guitar solo, I'm inclined they have the means to do so, and I'm all aboard for this journey. You generally know what you're getting into when a band has lyrics that reference King Crimson, and Sumdeus do not disappoint. This is a fun and rocking track which fires on all cylinders, full of energy and wonder, showcasing a band playing in comfortable harmony and encouraging the listener to jam along.

Sumdeus - "Space Mobbin'" (Bandcamp)


  1. Thank you for the support! There's a full length connected to this song that is coming in a few days, will keep you posted and hope you enjoy the rest of the album!

    1. Here is the full release! Can't promise that the rest of the record sounds anything like this song but maybe you'll enjoy it too.