Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Super Inuit - "Flicker"

Hazy synth pads give way to a nostalgic retrowave synth bass as Fern Morris' delicate, airy vocals channel the dreamy croon of Desire's Megan Louise. The track is sparse, but it doesn't need much more than the thumping, head-bobbing drum beat (2:40) and a chorus of vocal harmonies to pull at your heartstrings. Perfect music for a nighttime drive. Though the follow-up track "Amber" is enjoyable in its own right, the loss of momentum between the two feels like a missed opportunity.

"Flicker" is the first track on Misgivings.

Super Inuit - "Flicker" (Soundcloud)
Super Inuit - "Flicker" (Spotify)
Super Inuit - Misgivings (Soundcloud)


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