Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The I IV V 2 - "Standing in the Sun"

A buzzing garage rock track which blends psychedelia with grunge, "Standing in the Sun" is loud and fun, and, much like the bands it emulates (perhaps from a certain Pacific Northwestern area), sounds like it'd be best enjoyed live and with a cheap beer, or ten. Following a tremolo-laden ambient-psych intro, the song kicks in proper with a delicious fuzz riff; it's velcro-tearing, heavy and melodic. The guitar-work, paired with the soaked, slacker-rock vocals, places this somewhere between Dinosaur Jr. and a (significantly) more mellowed-out Red Fang or Harmonicraft-era Torche. I'd like to hear more psychedelic elements interspersed throughout the track, as they're mainly relegated to the intro and outro, and I feel this differentiation would help the track to better justify its four minute runtime. That being said, it hearkens to the appeal of getting a few friends together and rocking in the garage; in capturing that vibe, it's a roaring success.

The I IV V 2 - "Standing in the Sun" (Soundcloud)

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