Wednesday, December 11, 2019

tunnel traffic - "Skip"

"Skip" pushes forward with slow, deliberate movements. Plodding palm-muted guitar harmonies occasionally escaping into winding, bent notes; occasionally unfurling into bursts of gnarled distortion; and, occasionally, such as 1:38, allowing glimpses of a climax to reveal itself. However, that climax never comes to fruition. As vocalist Jacky Muñoz reveals, that's the point:

Please don't play that song
It's a shame that
it brings suddenly loose ends
I have to pick at
This is tastefully embodied by the slow, methodic instrumentation which refuses to play the song you expect to hear; this is a song which revels in its ability to reveal loose ends, pick at them, and leave them be. Aside from the tempered instrumentation, Muñoz's vocal performance is a highlight of the track: soaring, emotional, and defiant.

"Skip" is the sixth song on Age of Convictions.

tunnel traffic - "Skip" (Soundcloud)
tunnel traffic - "Skip" (Spotify)
tunnel traffic - Age of Convictions (Spotify)


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