Wednesday, December 18, 2019

valerie reyes-cooper - "bySweet Jesus Sisterfy"

A fantastic shoegaze track, no frills to it, which is perhaps surprising considering the musician's lineage. "bySweet Jesus Sisterfy" is the latest track by valerie-reyes cooper, a member of the seminal band Sweet Trip, who are, depending on who you ask, either "ineffable" or "inscrutable." However, gone are the glitching rhythms, blasts of noise, and rampant experimentation of that band. Instead, we are treated to a straightforward wash of distorted guitars, bending every which way; airy vocals, aloof and the words muddled; and a dancing, pop drum beat, riding on a ceaseless blast of hi-hats and a huge snare. The track wastes no time, careening through two alternating sections for a few minutes before fading; repeated listens reveal nuanced guitar melodies and bass grooves sprinkled throughout, hidden amidst the ever-enveloping wash.

valerie reyes-cooper - "bySweet Jesus Sisterfy" (Soundcloud)

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  1. Valerie didn't make this song, it's this