Tuesday, December 10, 2019

丹呂丹几句凵し丹 - "Vulcan Rose" (Mix by Varboska)

A soothing pop ballad with airy, ethereal vocals not unlike those of Grimes' Claire Boucher, though the instrumentation and melodies here are more straightforward and subtle. "Vulcan Rose" is an enchanting track for which I grew fonder with each repeated listen. While the initial keyboard tones and background vocal chants didn't immediately hook me, the strength and allure of the main vocal performance drew me back in again and again. In particular, the bridge around 1:45, stripped to the track's bare essentials of sparse piano chords and a vocal hook, is especially beautiful, and the song continues to captive from this point forward.

丹呂丹几句凵し丹 - "Vulcan Rose" (Mix by Varboska) (Soundcloud)

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