Wednesday, December 4, 2019

yllwblly - "Show Romance"

Sitting comfortably somewhere between an acoustic iteration of Beach House and Deerhunter, yllwblly mixes twangy, melancholic chord progressions with uncertain falsettos and washes of vibrato and reverb. The mix leaves a bit to be desired around the one minute mark, as a muddy guitar grates against the smooth remainder of the track. Aside from this distraction, ethereal vocals abound, and a fake-out ending results in a brief surprise climax of tremolo picked guitars - if only it lasted longer!

"Show Romance" is the first single from yllwblly's forthcoming album, Land Lover, due for release February 2020.

yllwblly - "Show Romance" (Soundcloud)
yllwblly - "Show Romance" (Spotify)

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