Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Sugar Punch - "Fuck"

Though the composition is minimalistic, A Sugar Punch's "Fuck" is a lush and meditative track of electronica pop, guided by soft, gliding synth melodies, warm pads, and a thumping sine wave sub bass. It's a lovely piece, unfolding before the listener as it progresses, each layer complementing the others in a blissful harmony. The subtle touches, such as the chimes around the 0:45 mark, help round out the track's beauty. Although the title and sample (1:44) may be intended to cause an intentionally jarring contrast, they unfortunately detract from the track's otherwise serene nature. Regardless, a sparkling piece not only worth listening to, but one which warrants revisiting.

A Sugar Punch - "Fuck" (Soundcloud)

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