Friday, January 24, 2020

Xo - "Le Coeur"

Following a minimalist intro - a kick and snare drum pattern drenched in reverb, soft vocals sung in French, and wispy, whirling synth pads - "Le Coeur" blooms into something altogether tender and beautiful. Each element, from the acoustic guitar strums to the wavering tremolo leads and piano melodies, sounds delicate and wistful, as if the notes themselves are wary of strain. Meanwhile, the timbre of the vocals is as soothing as it is melancholic. The result is intimate and heartfelt, and, despite the language barrier, the delightful music speaks volumes: it is as dreamy as it is enchanting.

"Le Coeur" is the eighth song on Passe Muraille.

Xo - "Le Coeur" (Soundcloud)
Xo - "Le Coeur" (Bandcamp)
Xo - Passe Muraille (Bandcamp)

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